All of my commissioned work has been used for promotional reasons. I've taken photographs with various musical artists, including Mason Proper, The Last Pop Band, and Annie Palmer.

I've also worked with the film production company Knock Knock Albino and make up artist Penstarr (AKA Kwajalynn Burks).

Alternative Processes are non-standard techniques in traditional photography to get new and interesting imagery. My work uses 3 techniques: cross processed slide film, emulsion transfers using 669 film, and infrared black & white film.
  1. "Boston" - 8 images
  2. "Captain America" - 4 images
  3. "I wanted you to feel the same" - 4 images
  4. "Let them eat cake" - 4 images
  5. "New Orleans" - 8 images
  6. "Shades of Pink" - 3 images